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Typical (Chinese) Singaporean Breakfast Set

A “typical” Chinese Singaporean Breakfast found at (most) coffee shop / kopi tiam / food court establishments include (A) Coffee or Tea, (B) Two Soft Boiled Eggs - eaten with white pepper and dark soya sauce, and (C) Bread with Kaya & Butter - what we call “Kaya loti” (AKA “toasted bread slice with kaya sauce”, “loti/roti” is Malay / Indian translation of “bread”).

In the case of “Koufu”, there are 3 x choices of bread: Regular sliced white bread, soft(er) bun, and this french loaf-styled bread with a tougher bite, which tastes a real humdinger with kaya spread, and slices of butter FTW!

The entire spread will set you back SG$2.90. Prices might differ from locale to locale, and the quality of coffee/tea tastes might differ too.

The “rainbow cake” slice was an addition, as I’d wanted to take a pic with my FriendsWithYou collectible (really-really!) and it costs a whopping SG$2.40 OMG :p ... First time trying this "heartland version" of the "hipster cake" found …

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